If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee, I would ask if you are involved with the April A-to-Z Challenge? I would ask if you have found any really cool, interesting or just done right weird blogs?  I have found some amazing ones, covering such topics as Geek Pastiche, Female Monsters, deities and Demons, Rogue Words, etc.  If you have not checked out the challenge, I would say, “Go do it now!”  Over 1600 bloggers signed up. It’s amazing.  Check out some of my A-to-Z posts featuring Wisdom learned from Grandma, like Affirmation and Biscuits!

I would tell you about lunch that I had with a friend who is a published author. We had fun catching up and I got to pick his brain a bit about the craft of authorship and he agreed to do an interview after delivering his next 80,000 work manuscript to his publisher.  I’m excited as this will be my first author interview.  After pausing to sip my coffee, I would listen to what you have going on and then give an update on my books.  The first one, on character, is coming along nicely.  The ‘trash’ draft is done and most of the chapters fleshed out.  A first pass edit is complete and after A-to-Z is over, I will be squeezing in some chapters.

Well I’ve finished my coffee and I need to get back to my lovely wife and enjoy the rest of our weekend.  I hope that you have a pleasant and thoughtful weekend.

Don’t forget to write your own coffee share and add it to the linky at Part Time Monster.

19 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…

  1. mbarkersimpson

    I’m having an absolute blast with A to Z! I’ve found some great blogs and love the variety…fun, fun, fun! Have a great weekend and thanks for coffee 😀

  2. Celine Jeanjean

    This is such a fun linky! I’ll get involved after A to Z is finished – it takes up so much time, especially as I’m away travelling at the moment! I haven’t had as much time yet to dedicate to looking up new blogs but I’ll catch up once I’m back home in a week.

    Congratulations on the books coming along well, that’s great to hear. I’ve almost finished my own first book which is amazing and a huge sense of achievement!

      1. Celine Jeanjean

        Well it’s kind of my version of steampunk, so while technology is steam powered, it’s not based in Victorian England like a lot of steampunk, but in a tropical port city of my creation. It follows two misfits: an assassin who’s afraid of blood, who’s also very pedantic and precious about his appearance, and a 16 year old girl who lives on the street. She’s a real scrappy little thing and she dreams of being a famous swordfighter but nobody takes her seriously so when she finds out about the assassin’s fear of blood, she blackmails him into training her.
        It’s got quite a lot of humour in it, I’ve loved writing it!

        What about your book, what is it about? And what’s your plan once it’s finished, will you go independent or go the traditional publishing route?

        1. shawn

          Sounds amazing! I look forward to reading it. I have 2. The first is a non-fiction work on character. How to recognize and promote good character in ourselves and others. I plan to self-publish or may go with a small e-publishing house. I’m not really sure yet. I am working on a marketing plan and creating a couple of freebies to give away to promote the book as well. The other book is my true love, science fiction. It’s about young down’s syndrome boy that becomes more intelligent and can influence the future after he encounters an unknown alien artifact. The story is still in the formative stages 🙂 I will probably do the same with it, as far as publishing. again, not really sure yet. I have to research the options.

        2. Celine Jeanjean

          Your science fiction book sounds awesome! I love the concept – good luck developing the story, I think you have something very interesting on your hands. I have a brother who has Down’s by the way so if you had any question about down’s or anything relating to that, I’d be more than happy to chat to you if that would help. You can find my email on the About page of my blog.
          Either way good luck with the books, looking forward to reading them when they’re out! 🙂

  3. Gene'O

    Something about that tweet just made me have to come over here and see what you are up to, Shawn. And I will tell you, I am so happy! Here’s why:

    1. You wrote a coffee post even though you are doing A to Z. Yay!

    2. You mentioned A to Z IN the coffee post. Yay!

    3. Interview!!! The more interviews floating around, the better. I”ve got an interview scheme cooking right now. (stopping with the “yay”s so as to not annoy.

    4. Did you know someone is doing an A to Z Challenge and the theme is “26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary?” If not, I’ve got a link for you, my friend.

    1. shawn

      Thanks for stopping by Gene’O! Looking forward to your interview. And yes I found the 26 ways to die blog. It is amazing. It certainly gives me some ideas for ways to do in characters in my book! I enjoy cheering so you can yay all you like 🙂

  4. Sabina

    I’m having a blast with A-Z also. I only have 1.5 more posts to write and a few guest blogger posts to load in, so I’ve been spending a ton of time reading and chatting on Twitter. All good things!

    1. shawn

      Awesome! Glad you stopped by. I’m still getting used to Twitter 🙂 and there so many good blogs that I have found through A-to-Z that I will never run out of things to read 🙂


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