A-to-Z 2015 R is for Right

Right. Not rights, but right as in right and wrong. If I was doing something that I should not being as young boys are wont to do, Grandma would ask, “Do you think that’s right?”  The only answer to that was “No ma’am.”   Learning that ever important lesson of what is right and accepted behavior is vital to our development as productive and amiable citizens. I know Grandma didn’t think about society as a whole, she was striving to make those around her just a little better today, than they were yesterday. I think this all any of us can ask for unless we have access to large numbers of people that we influence. Having a decision in front of you and choosing wisely is not always easy or convenient, but it is right.

Quote Roosevelt on Right and wrong

Quote Roosevelt on Right and wrong

6 thoughts on “A-to-Z 2015 R is for Right

  1. somemaid

    If more people were like your Grandma and focused on helping those around them the world would be a better place. I’m also going to use her line with my kids.


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