A-to-Z 2015 S is for Service

Service to someone or something that does not directly benefit you, is important. My Grandma would never turn anyone away if they needed help. From fixing a simple missing button, to making an entire quilt for the church charity or baking mounds of food people working to rebuild a neighbor’s house after a fire, there was no task that she turned away. This helped me to be a better man. One with strong character, willing to help others with no thought of return. She always said that it made her feel good to be useful since there were many things that physically she could not do. Grandma taught me many lessons about the importance of service.

Quote Longfellow on Service

Quote Longfellow on Service

13 thoughts on “A-to-Z 2015 S is for Service

  1. Sabina

    I learned the importance of service early on too. Starting in kindergarten or 1st grade we started delivering meals to homebound people (due to disability, age, or any other reason) through Meals on Wheels. It’s so crucial.

    1. shawn

      That is awesome. I wish more people would start their kids out learning lessons like that. Thanks for dropping by.

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