A-to-Z 2015 T is for Temperance

Temperance has many meanings. The one I’m using is temperance as virtue.  Basically it means to practice moderation and personal restraint. This could be in anything: eating, drinking, smoking, living, spending, etc.  Grandma helped me understand this not by teaching me the word and it’s meaning, but by living it. While my grandparents were not well-off, they did have an abundance of food and friends. She always practiced moderation, except when she was practicing charity, then was generous.  I really didn’t understand that I had even learned this lesson until I was older. It has served me well, temperance.

Quote Willard on Temperance

Quote Willard on Temperance

7 thoughts on “A-to-Z 2015 T is for Temperance

  1. zacharykmiller

    I think is something we have lost in our society… Over indulgence is deadly and expanding its reach! My parents use to tell me “everything in moderation”

  2. roweeee

    This is a battle for me. I don’t drink or smoke or anything like that but I do get carried away with things. Am currently trying to remove some things from our house. Where I live, you put stuff out by the road and it usually magically disappears if it is even half good but its been raining for weeks and furniure from the house sale arrived before I could get rid of ours. Breathing room only at the moment.
    I’d love people to visit me without being judgemental about the state of our house. I have mobility issues and it’s hard to get out. I end up doing much of my socialising now through my blog.


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