Hey WORLD, need better character?

If there is any doubt that the world needs better character, check out this TED Talk by Gary Haugen. Haugen gives a strong argument that our efforts to help the poor will continue to fail if we do not address the issue of preventing violence to the poor. You can read more about the issues and the efforts to address this at the International Justice Mission and The Locust Effect. Please take a moment to check out these sites and sign the petition to the UN. Many aspects of character, or in this case, the lack of character, play into the overall problem faced by the world’s poor. Poverty is one of the ultimate tests of an individual’s character. Not being able to provide food, shelter, clothing and protection to yourself and your family can drive an individual to do things that they normally would not do. If one is predisposed to being a bully, then outcomes can be catastrophic to those around them.

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