A-to-Z 2015 Y is for You

You are important. Grandma never said those words exactly, but she demonstrated it every day I spent with her.  She always took time to listen to me. She always made time to cook and bake my favorite foods. She also made sure that it was not just me that is important, but you too. None of us is the center of universe, but each of us provide a unique perspective on the world and are important in our own way.  Teaching me to share with my cousins, my friends in the neighborhood and even my brother, was her way of teaching me the importance of you.

4 thoughts on “A-to-Z 2015 Y is for You

  1. roweeee

    lat yo and yo Grandma say about us not being the centre of the universe. That’s a huge problem throughout society. Constant battle in our house, magnified by my health problems, which can make it hard for me to reign them in at times. I think sometimes parents give their kids too much praise, not realising that they also need a few knocks to develop a bit of perspective.


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