A-to-Z 2015 Z is for Zachariah

Zachariah was my 3rd cousin way up the family tree somewhere.  Knowing where you came from is important. Your roots, your heritage, part of what defines you is wrapped up in from whence you came. My family originally came over from Wales. Dad traced the family roots back 6 or 7 generations. Grandma had a list of marriages, births and deaths in the front of her bible. Family was very important to her and she taught me several important lessons about family.  One is that don’t get to choose your family. You’re stuck with what you are given, which is why choosing your friends is so important, because you do get to choose them. Since you can’t choose your family, you best learn to live with them. Sometimes distance helps with this. A lot of genealogy is boring, but the rest I find fascinating. Dig a little and see what you find.  I learned a little about Zach from genealogy, but I never met my 3rd cousin Zachariah.

My Family Tree

My Family Tree – image: http://clipartpanda.com

18 thoughts on “A-to-Z 2015 Z is for Zachariah

  1. lucciagray

    Lovely last post! Family and Friends, both so important in our lives, the first are ‘imposed’, while the second we choose, as you wisey remind us 🙂

    1. shawn

      So very true! Yes we made it! 🙂 A lot of genealogy research can be done online with little cost, just time. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

  2. noelleg44

    Dropping over and checking out your posts. I think your grandmother and mine would have been best buddies. So similar in their advice and philosophy!

  3. Misha

    My one grandfather was fascinated with genealogy. Which was great, because I got to learn all sorts of interesting stuff all the way back without doing any of the work. 😀

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