9 Steps to a Better You

9 Steps to a Better You

9 Steps to a Better You

9 Steps to Better YouI need your help.  I need a good, catchy, marketable title for my book on character. Looking at ways to improve turns off some people. How do we make it sound appealing or intriguing? How can we get 9 Steps to a Better You to be compelling?

I have some ideas and would love to hear any and all thoughts on them, plus any suggestions you might have. Here are a few thoughts that I have:

  • Character: Why We All Need It.
  • A Better You, A Better World
  • Character: Why You Need It Now!
  • You Are Society’s Conscience
  • Your Personal Character Development

9 Steps to a Better You

Here are is an excerpt from the chapter on improving your character:

Market-ResearchCan it really be as simple as 9 steps? Maybe, but change is rarely simple.  The first step in changing any habit, rooting out the bad and replacing it with good, is to accept responsibility for your life. It is your life. You must accept that you are in charge and that you can and must govern how you respond to everyone and everything around you. If you cannot or choose not to accept this, then stop reading now and give this book to someone else. This simple, yet fundamental, idea must be accepted and you must choose to take responsibility for your life, personal growth and development. You can create a better you and a better world.  Take that first step today.

“I am in charge of my life. I choose to have positive reactions and accept honest, heart-felt criticism. I am responsible for making me, the best me possible.”

The brain is like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones. Click To Tweet

Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson (www.rickhanson.net) states that “The brain is like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones.”[1]  It is also said that for every one negative stimulus that the brain receives, we need 11 positive stimuli to overcome the one negative.  This implies that for every bad experience or encounter that one has, then we need 11 good or positive experiences just to get back to zero. It is harder to keep the equation at or above zero. Also it indicates that one should never say anything negative about another person. The effects are long-lasting and difficult to reverse. Sometimes, this is where patience will serve you well.  Therefore it is important as part of quest to improve character that we lift up those around us. This includes ourselves. We need to give positive feedback to our self as well as those around us. Good self talk is key to positive feedback for ourselves. This is not about the “Rah, Rah” feel good motivational thoughts, which have their place, but about being honest in a positive manner.

1.    Take responsibility for your own personal character.
2.    Honestly evaluate your character today.
3.    Find a trusted friend to help you with accountability and observation.
4.    Make a list of your good traits.
5.    And a list of your traits that need improvement.
6.    Chose one to improve.
7.    Write down one or two specific actions you will take to improve.
8.    Commit to the improvement.
9.    Evaluate your progress weekly with your friend.

[1] http://www.tommoon.net/articles/are_we_hardwired-2.html

So what do you think?

13 thoughts on “9 Steps to a Better You

  1. Charles Yallowitz

    Out of ones listed, I like the second one. Catchier and it doesn’t have a ‘bossy’ undertone like some of the others. Not sure of any suggestions though.

  2. zacharykmiller

    I agree with Charles out of the ones that are already posted…But here’s my WEAK shot:

    Build Winning Character in 9 steps
    Character starts with You: 9 steps to improve your character
    Character is not just for theme parks anymore (haha – that would be more of a joke)

  3. Alex Hurst

    I actually like the post title the most. It is catchy, and might not be confused with character (as in fictional character).. you could use Zachary’s second suggestion as a subtitle. 🙂

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  5. Ula

    I also like #2 the most. My suggestion: 9 Steps to Build a Better You. You could always use “a better you, a better world” as a tagline, even on the cover. Non-fiction covers tend to be word-heavy anyway.


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