Warning: Blog Under Construction

Iā€™m in the process of rehosting Down Home Thoughts. My goal is to have the new site ready and move everything from here to there with minimal down time. We shall see. šŸ™‚ The domain downhomethoughts.com will not change, just the everything under the hood. For the geeky people that are interested, Iā€™m moving it HostGator and will will still be using WordPress. This allows me to have more control (yes, Iā€™m one of those :-)) I may be less attentive to comments for the next couple of days. Film at 11ā€¦ā€¦

6 thoughts on “Warning: Blog Under Construction

      1. Alex Hurst

        Just be prepared for a drop in engagement. WordPress.org doesn’t include any of the regular WP user base, Freshly Pressed, etc.


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