Weekend Coffee Share – Construction edition

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the new website is almost ready. Tonight will be the cut over (fingers crossed.) You should not see any major changes. The theme will remain the same. Although it may change in the future. The big changes are all under the covers, so if you notice any oddities, please let me know. How was your week? Are you working on changing or improving any habits? Are you reading? Writing? How’s that going? My book is coming along. After chatting with several people about it, I’m not as done as I thought 🙂  There is more material to be included. The survey on what is important to you will be open through June 15th. Thanks to several friendly bloggers and social media folks, there has been a jump in survey takers, but I still need more data to make the survey statistically valid. Please share the survey link above with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

Shout-out to People that have blogged, re-blogged, tweeted or sent to their mail list! If you forwarded, shared, etc. THANK YOU!

May’s newsletter is in the thought process (code for I haven’t started it yet.)  If there is a topic you want to see or hear about, please let me know before Monday.

This is day 6 of habit change experiment. We slept in a bit, but now it’s time roll. My lovely wife and I went for a walk along the river about 4.5 miles (roughly 7.25km) today, then I dropped her at work. There is a big food drive today. After my karate class, I’ll swing by and help schlep boxes, bags and cans. Hopefully I can back to writing tonight! Have an awesome weekend.



Don’t forget to write your own coffee share and add it to the linky at Part Time Monster.

24 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Construction edition

    1. shawn

      You’re welcome. Survey has a little over 100 responses. Only a couple of things that I wasn’t expecting. Will probably do a blog on it next week.

  1. Gene'O

    Hey dude. Your link didn’t go on the linky right. Not sure what happened there. You can use the little trash can icon to remove your own link & try again. If you can’t get it to work, drop a link to the post on Diana’s thread and I’ll let her know she needs to add you. Would do it myself, but I don’t have access to the linky admin interface.

      1. Gene'O

        yay! You saw without me mentioning. Good, good, good. We are getting better at this. And Shawn has an open survey that is easy to take which he is using to do research for a book. Just in case you haven’t got around to finding that.

        1. Diana

          I have. And yep–I try to keep an eye on that anyway. I check the list a few times a day and fix anything that needs fixing. 🙂

        2. shawn

          Thanks for the survey mention! I would be ecstatic if we could get over 1000 but I’ll be happy with any thing we get! 🙂

        3. Gene'O

          Done what I can do at this point 🙂 I am very interested in the results. Don’t discount what 250 is worth. The opinions of 200 of your friend + friends of friends can be worth quite a lot, if you have the sort of friends I have 😀

  2. Barbara In Caneyhead

    Best of luck with the crossover! I was forced to do that once from AOL Journals to Blogger. I have no plans to go anywhere. Just like I’m never leaving Caneyhead until the Lord calls me home.
    I did tweet out the survey once, but I’ll give it another go!
    Posted my first #WeekendCoffeeShare at Life & Faith in Caneyhead!

  3. trentpmcd

    I saw the survey I think on Sorcerer. Will tweet this so maybe more will see it – then again, I think 90% of my Twitter followers follow Gene’o and saw it already 😉

  4. Corina

    Not a whole lot new here. I’m working on getting my strength back and holding down food after surgery. I did pop over to the survey link and took it. I’ll pass the link around.


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