4 Things to do BEFORE You Re-host Your Blog

Today’s To-Do List Tuesday is an assortment of things to do BEFORE you go and move your blog from one hosting platform to another.

Back up your blog. While this may sound obvious, look at the details. The WordPress export function does NOT export any of your blog settings, just content. So you probably want to take screenshots of your various settings, write them down or whatever works for you.

Check your new hosting site to see if they have a handy guide for moving. READ IT! Twice.

Learn about Jetpack. If you are hosted at WordPress.com, a lot of the things you are used to will be turned off or missing when you move. HostGator’s WordPress installation comes with several key plugins already installed. One of these is JetPack which will give you a lot of the WordPress functionality that you are used to, but you have find all the parts and pieces and get them activated.

Learn a little network black magic. You don’t need the plumb the depths of how switched work or anything that complicated. Just some basics. If you have a custom domain, like I did, you will have to transfer it. It’s not a big deal, but you have find where to go and unlock the domain in your WordPress->Store->My Domains menu.  Then you have change the name servers. Again, the guides on both sides were very helpful.

4 Things to do BEFORE You Re-Host

  1. Backup
  2. Read the guide (RTFM for you long time internet trolls 😉
  3. Learn about the Jetpack plug-in
  4. Learn a little network black magic

WAIT. Yep, you gotta wait. It takes 48-72 hours of your network changes to propagate around the world wide web. Whee. Take a walk, make some tea or what ever you do to relax. Trust me at this point you will probably be ready. Get acquainted with the support pages, FAQs and how to contact support directly. I found HostGator’s support team to be very helpful.

Good luck with your move.

4 thoughts on “4 Things to do BEFORE You Re-host Your Blog

  1. heatherjacksonwrites

    Hi Shawn! Received your newsletter so yes, still getting the emails. However, when writeonsisters.com went from WordPress to HostGator, we noticed a big slowdown in traffic too. Talk to Robin about it. She knows more about what the numbers were doing at that time than I do.

    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Awesome thanks Heather! She had commented about that on another post. The newsletter goes out through MailChimp. Did you see a blog post notification for this post?

  2. Nadine

    Good thoughts. When I moved from a free WordPress blog to one with my domain, I did not heed these instructions. I ended up making a mess and losing some subscribers.

    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Hi Nadine, Thanks for dropping by ans sharing your thoughts. Hopefully everyone found their way back to you eventually.


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