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6 Thoughts to Get Motivated

Get Motivated!

It does not matter what your task is ahead. If it is hard, you will need motivation to start and follow through to completion. For some, the challenge may be losing weight, for others that might be changing a habit or improving their character. Whatever it is, here are some tips to help you get motivated and begin your task.

  1. Understand the importance or benefit of what you are doing. This sounds simple, but stop and write down why you are attempting the task. You must want the change.
  2. Realize the consequences of what failing to start or complete the task. Again, write this down. You need to understand both the pros and the cons of doing or not doing the task you have set before yourself.
  3. Take action. It can be a simple step. If you are trying to lose weight, maybe you leave one bite of food on your plate. Perhaps you are changing a habit, smoke one less cigarette. Or you want to be kinder, so say a nice word to a stranger. Whatever it is, write it down.
  4. Get support. Find a friend or mentor, someone you trust and ask for their help. Someone who will hold you accountable. Talk to them about your goal and any specific areas where you need help. Meet and discuss your progress and your challenges often. Keep notes. Write it down.
  5. Re-read your notes from numbers one and two. Look at why you are doing this and what happens if you don’t . Focus on the one that provides the most personal incentive to get of your ass and take action.
  6. Celebrate the little successes along the way. Write it down. Get with your accountability partner and celebrate. Even if it’s as simple as a high five. Celebrate!

What do you do to motivate yourself? How do you get motivated? Do you encourage or help others with their motivation? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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