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Geek n Greet! #geekpastiche

Geek n Greet

Enjoy a little geek n greet blogger love over at Sourcerer. Thanks to Gene’O for hosting this over at Sourcerer. If you enjoy geekness in it’s many forms, drop by Sourcerer for great collection. Spend a little time and poke around.

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Trying a little something here today. Think of it as a blog party. I’ve dubbed it “Geek and Greet” because most of us here are geeks, and we like to meet bloggers. Here’s how it works. You don’t have to be a geek or have a geeky blog to join the fun.

  1. Take a post you’ve written. Any post, but must be safe for work. Or a front page link (not both) and share it on the thread.
  2. Visit one other person, or if you’re first, one of our contributors’ blogs. Or visit more.

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