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Time to get out and hit road. It’s been a busy week here at Down Home Thoughts. We had a great interview with Scott Pratt. We finally got signed up of the 2015 A-to-Z Roadtrip to visit all the other 1600+ blogs that we missed  during the challenge. You can find links to all the A-to-Z posts and the road trip here. Still fighting the low traffic battle of moving away from I have a couple of ideas that I’m researching to work around this. Any and all thoughts on this topic are welcome 🙂  I may not get to my weekend coffee share post this weekend. I’m sure y’all can carry on with out me. The book on character is moving along. I have started the search for editors and cover designers. Suggestions and/or introductions are greatly appreciated. The survey on what’s important to you is active, but will close June 15th. If you haven’t taken it already, please do so. If you have taken it, thank you and please share it with your friends.

Memorial Day Travel and Thanks

My lovely wife and I are hitting the road over Memorial Day to add a few more state capitols to our list. We are at 14 and climbing 🙂  We plan to visit Washington DC, Dover, Delaware, Annapolis Maryland and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day if you are celebrating it. If you are somewhere that does not celebrate it, please take a a moment to stop and remember those in the many Armed Forces in the world that have given their lives to protect the way of life that we enjoy today.

11 thoughts on “Memorial Day Plans

      1. fillyourownglass

        My husband will be working 12-hour shifts Fri.-Sun. nights. As a law enforcement family we rarely get to enjoy the holidays together. We have a huge gathering of bikers that come to our town every year for Memorial weekend, and it gets chaotic. The locals tend to hole up for the weekend, so I’m going to try to catch up on some writing and maybe some pool time. 🙂

        1. shawngriffith Post author

          Thank you all for your husbands service. Hope you get your writing and pool time caught up!

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