They shield your lifestyle memorial day

Shield Your Lifestyle From Harm

They Shield Your Lifestyle From Harm

No matter what country you live in, there are people who shield you from harm. They support, protect and guard the way of life that you have. I do not like war and aggression, but unfortunately when diplomacy fails, there are few other choices. We as people are not perfect and while most of the time we can work out our disagreements, other means are occasionally needed.

Memorial Day Challenge

Your challenge this week is to take some time to show your gratitude to those who risk their very life to shield you from the people who would do you harm. Sincerely thank those members of the Armed Forces, Police and Fire departments that stand between you and harm. Standing like a shield to prevent harm to you and your family at the risk of their own life, keeping danger at bay. It is as simple as a thank you or perhaps a card. Better yet, bake some cookies and deliver them in person if possible. Check with your local Red Cross and see what options they have for getting care packages delivered to deployed Armed Services members.

Shield your lifestyle Thank you

Shielding your lifestyle. Thank you!

If you have served or are still serving in any capacity, THANK YOU! Having spent some time with the US Navy, I understand the sacrifices that you make. The time away from your own family, the risk of life, the hardship of knowing what is going on in the world and protecting your family and country, just to name a few. It is not an easy life, but it is a rewarding one.  An opportunity that few have the courage to undertake is to stand in harm’s way. You stand to defend a way of life. Your sacrifice is helping society, not only because you are there to deter or stop violence, but because you are an example to the people. Courage, honor and loyalty are a way of life. Much like King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table you represent and protect that which is good in our society. These men and women shield your lifestyle. Go and thank them.

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  1. D.B. Moone

    Thank you for this post, Shawn. You said it all, and said it well. Only one that has been there and lived it could write the message that you wrote.

    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! Have a great week.


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