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Gratitude List-Make Your’s Today

Gratitude List – To Do List Tuesday

Today’s episode of To Do List Tuesday brings us a gratitude list. What is a gratitude list you ask? Simply it is a list of things that you are thankful for and should show an attitude of gratitude for everything on the list. Some things are easy to add to the list, like your freedoms that you enjoy. There are many ways to show gratitude for your freedoms. Thank an Armed Forces member. Send a thank you card to deployed personnel. How about gratitude for your personal safety? Thank a police officer or a fireman. Make a donation to support the family of fallen officer or fireman or volunteer at a fund-raiser. Your gratitude list could contain things like your education. Thank a teacher. Write them a nice note.

Things on my Gratitude List

I am grateful that

  • I live in a country with many freedoms.
  • My lovely wife.
  • I can read and write.
  • Travel easily around the country.
  • Police and fire protection are just a phone call away.
  • Our garbage gets picked up regularly.
  • We have safe, drinkable running water.

This list could go for a while, but I thought that I would just list several of  the top things on my gratitude list.

Why is Gratitude Important?

Check out what Psychology Today has to say about gratitude. Now take a moment and reflect on some of the things that maybe you take for granted but could show  some gratitude toward. Go ahead, write them down, I’ll wait. No really, write them down. The physical act of writing a list will help you focus on the subject. Having and demonstrating gratitude is the parent to all other virtues. Without gratitude our lives are less full and lack an improved level of civility and patience. Gratitude helps us appreciate what we have.  What’s on your gratitude list?

Make Your Gratitude list.  Gratitude is important. Qutoe by Cicero

Make Your Gratitude list. Gratitude is important


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    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. I agree gratitude is the key to happiness.

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