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Get Motivated in 6 Simple Steps-Experiment

Get Motivated – an experiment

I took an old post, reworked it a bit and posted it to Medium. Maybe traffic will get motivated? This is an experiment to see if posting there generates any traffic here 🙂 I feel kinda like an internet witch doctor or maybe an ambulance chasing lawyer. Now I think I need a bath.

Not as fun or interesting as this experiment, but useful nonetheless.

Seriously though, it will be an interesting experiment. I’m just posting it there with the only mention of it here. No tweets, no pins, no needles nothing. I plan to check my inbound traffic for a week and see if anything at all happens. I will repeat this experiment with different material 3 or 4 more times. Let’s see what happens. If anyone has had experience posting on Medium or some other similar site, I would love to discuss it. Also any other ideas for organic traffic growth, please leave your thoughts below. Now I think I’ll go find that bath. 😉


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