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Writing Character Development A New Twist

Writing Character Development With A Twist

There is a guest blog coming out Sunday at Write on Sisters. It has a bit different spin on character development. Stop and visit the Write on Sisters Sunday and please leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts about the post.  The Write on Sisters have many great articles on writing character development and many other aspects of writing. It has become one of my favorite go to blogs for writing information and inspiration. Robin and Heather have a great writing style. They are friendly and easy to work with on guest blogging articles. That being said, they are also brutally honest about your writing, which I think is great. I’m a new writer and as such lack a certain polish that their readers have come to expect. The edits and suggestions they made for my upcoming article were very helpful and made my writing better.

Thanks For Improving My Writing

Writing Character Development Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you ladies! You have given me a great deal of food for thought. As I continue my writing development journey, I look forward to your writing posts. Thank you for providing the opportunity to share my thoughts with your readers. I wish you continued success and happiness in your journey through life. I know because of your kindness and willingness to help, that you will go far.

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