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WordPress Blog Security What do you think?

WordPress Blog Security

What do you do for blog security? There have been new WordPress blog security measures implemented for the site.  It is my hope that no one, other that the script kiddies and spammers, even noticed. If you are self-hosted, what do you do for security? There are several great WordPress security plug-ins and helpful forums available. It was rather eye-opening when I installed iThemes free security plug-in. It promptly recommended that I do a backup before changing anything. So I did. Then it came up with a long list of potential security issues. The list is broken into High, Medium and Low priority groups. Most everything has a button to “fix it.” This either fixes the issue or takes you to a setting that allows you to change the behavior. READ the instructions with EVERY setting. iThemes also has some great tutorial videos. I recommend you watch those before doing anything.

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WordPress blog security, just like creating your great content, requires some planning and thought. A good security plug-in is a start, but you need to learn a little about the vulnerabilities that a generic WordPress install has. You don’t need to become a security expert, but you do need to learn a little. Both WordPress.org and iThemes have some great resources, so I will not belabor the point. If you are running your business or at least part of it through your WordPress blog, then you should consider buying some professional tools, like iThemes. They make it easy to start with their free plug-in or security theme. Later you can upgrade to pro or get a consultation if you need more security or help.


I recommend that you educate yourself a bit about blog security, but more importantly, take action today! There is no substitute to being ready. It’s like maintenance on your house or your car. Just do it! I would love to hear your thoughts about blog security below.

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    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Hi Janice, it was mostly so that I can have ads that I control and affiliate links. I don’t have any affiliate links yet, but they violate WP Terms of Service.

  1. Worli

    Typically WordPress is quite safe and protected if you use some security steps as well as follow some general points to keep hackers away from your blog. One of the biggest factors that enable malware attacks is running outdated WordPress software. In fact, this factor has contributed to more than 70 percent of all the cases of hacker attacks in the past few years.
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