Summer Activity Ideas

Summer Activity Ideas-Top 10 Down Home Ideas

Top 10 Down Home Summer Activity Ideas

All the summer activity ideas below are things I enjoyed as a kid. I hope you and yours enjoy them too. They are all free or relatively inexpensive. each event can take as little or as much planning as you need. I lean toward the side of as little preparation as possible. Enjoy and don’t forget to share your favorite summer activity ideas in the comments.


Doesn’t matter if it’s in a pool, the creek or a lake, make sure you take the proper safety precautions so the fun doesn’t turn bad. Swimming is a great summer activity idea. It’s refreshing, healthy and inexpensive. The lifeguard in me is coming out now, make sure that someone who can swim well is the designated lifeguard. Check out the Red Cross for more swimming safety tips.

Berry Pick

Find out what berries you have around you and when they ripen. In the mountains we are very fortunate to have blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, boysenberries and more. Getting out of the house and picking berries is another great summer activity idea. You can make it a challenge to see who comes back with the most berries. Only the ones in the bucket count, not the ones you ate. 🙂


You don’t need a fancy basket and table-cloth, but if you them, then by all means use them. This is as simple as sandwiches and chips in a brown paper bag or just a tray sandwiches and chips on the table out back. This can also be combined with almost any of the other summer activity ideas listed here. I love ham sandwiches and BBQ potato chips. What’s your favorite picnic lunch or dinner?


Summer activity ideas. Backyard Camping

Summer activity ideas. Backyard Camping

This is as easy a  tarp thrown over a rope tied between two trees and blanket on the ground. If you own a tent, even better.  I strongly recommend a tent if you have bugs.  If you don’t have bugs, let me know. We might want to move there. 🙂  Venture away from the house if you really like camping. It’s a great way to remove yourself from the pressures of work and just enjoy time with each other and the great outdoors.


Depending on everyone’s age and abilities, this might be a trek around the block, down to a local park or an adventure in the wilds. If you decide for the more adventurous options, please read this guide from the National Parks Service if you are a novice hiker. Hiking is one of the best ways to get and enjoy nature. One of my favorite summer activity ideas that I enjoy all year.


Don’t stand up in the canoe and wear your life jacket. Even if you are just paddling around a lake or lazy river, be cautious. If you have never canoed before, find your local Scout troop and ask if they have a canoeing merit badge instructor. If you live in an area that has a lot of canoeing activity, then you might find a good instructor that way. Get some instruction and check out these safety tips. Watch the video for how NOT to canoe.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

It’s just like a scavenger hunt , but the participants take only photos. Since almost everyone has a cell phone that is photo capable, this is easy. Come up with a list of interesting things around your area. Take into account how mobile your group is. Are they on foot, bikes, skateboards, cars, etc. Break them into teams of at least two members. One member must be visible in each picture for it to count. This is not strictly a summer activity idea, but one of my favorites. Have fun!

Game Night

Summer activity ideas - Game Night

Summer activity ideas – Game Night

Break out your favorite board, home and lawn games. Croquet anyone? Lawn Darts? How about a rousing came of Trivial Pursuit or Balderdash? Maybe just some card games, or charades. Need an old fashioned game like Fox and Geese? I loved games growing up and had many of them thanks to my brother’s Godfather that gave us a new, unusual game every year at Christmas. Games are another fun way to spend an evening. What are your favorite games for summer activity ideas?

Chalk It Up

Sidewalk Chalk. Do I even have to say more?

Water Fights

Water pistols, water balloons, hoses. You can prep for this by pre-filling the water balloons. Put some water in a cooler or bucket. Fill the balloons and drop them in. The water helps keep the balloons from breaking.

No matter what summer activity ideas you choose, summer is definitely time for fun and relaxation. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment with your favorite epic summer activity ideas.

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