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importance of laughter

Importance of Humor

Friday’s Funny on the Importance of Humor

Humor at Work

importance of humor at workMost people take work way to seriously. Learn to relax and laugh at yourself and with others. Remember, never laugh at others. Always laugh in a spirit of friendliness. Humor is often used to break the ice at meeting. A good chuckle can smooth over a misunderstanding. One of the best laughs I ever had was working at Southwest Airlines. My Team decided  while I was gone over Christmas to decorate my office. They gift-wrapped everything in the office, including the door. Every pencil, every book, the monitor, keyboard, mouse, desk and chair were all carefully and lovingly wrapped. It was a work of art.

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Humor and Adversity

I know laughing while going through adversity is never easy, humor will lighten your burden. I had a good friend in high school that suffered from Hodgkin’s Disease. We would visit and talk and laugh with him. Laughing made him feel better. His doctors treated the Hodgkin’s and it went into remission. A few years later it came back. He repeated this cycle six times. The seventh ended differently. When I think about the good times and the laughs we shared in spite of his illness, I can never have a bad day.

Huffington Post: Find Humor in Illness

Humor and Health

Humor relaxes your blood vessels lowering blood pressure. Being relaxed is generally much healthier than being tense and stressed.

What is the importance of humor to you? Leave a comment or two and share this with your friends. Better yet, share a good laugh with your friends, the life you save may be your own.

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5 Powerful Reasons To NEVER Give Up

5 Powerful Reasons To NEVER Give Up

5 Powerful Reasons To NEVER Give Up

It’s impossible. I will never get this done. It’s just too difficult. Having thoughts of quitting? Here are 5 powerful reasons to NEVER give up.

A mindset like this causes people to give up when their circumstances are not favorable.  It creates a feeling of helplessness and despair which robs us of hope and diminishes our abilities. If unchecked, instead of making progress we slow down, stop, and then drift backwards.  Moments like this is where the resilient dig in to reach their dreams. We must be relentless in the pursuit of our goals.

“Never, never, never, give up! – Winston Churchill

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You have come too far. You have been through too much. You are too deep into the journey down the path to turn back now. No matter how intimidating the challenge in front of you may seem, you will never reach your goal if you run when the going gets tough. If it important enough to you, nothing should be able to stop you. However, if you are contemplating quitting I included below five powerful reasons for you to stand in the midst of adversity and never give up:

1. Dreams Are Possible

“Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” -Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman did something that seemed impossible to many. She wanted freedom so badly that she found a way to escape slavery in spite of the deaths of many others that had attempted it before her. It is through her courage that many African Americans made it from captivity to freedom. Why did they trust and follow her? They did because time and time again she proved that it was possible. She did it for herself and then she did it for others. Historical accounts state that she did not lose a single escapee on the underground railroad.

No matter the odds, it’s possible.

2. Hope Builds Momentum

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seems hopeless failure may turn to glorious triumph.” -Elbert Hubbard

A place that is void of hope is a place where dreams go to die, a place where people honor survival over progress, a place where the atmosphere reminds you more of a prison than a place of free will.

I can tell you with absolute confidence that you don’t have to stay there. All it takes is a mustard seed of hope for momentum to start to develop. A simple thought, action, affirmation, or encouraging word can be the catalyst that catapults you to greatness.

3. Adversity Develops Character

“Every great man, every successful man, no matter what the field of endeavor, has known the magic that lies in these words: every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.” W. Clement Stone

A close friend often tells me the story of a successful businessman who now makes a six figure salary a year. We often are inspired by this man’s persistence to achieve his goal. During his early career he decided he wanted to work for himself. He quit his corporate job and went off on his own. Within one year, he was bankrupt, living in his car, eating scraps for dinner. Fast forward eight years and he now has his own firm and clientele. Did this happen immediately after his initial failure? No, he failed to be successful in this line of work three other times before he got it right.

He learned from every mistake until he found the formula to get it right. His challenges built his knowledge, character, and expertise. Don’t give up. You could be one challenge away from your breakthrough.

4. Consistency Gets Results

“I’ve learned from experience that if you work harder at it, and apply more energy and time to it, and more consistency, you get a better result. It comes from the work.” Louis C. K.

Our daily habits often contribute to our success and failures. It is what we do consistently everyday that impacts the direction of our life. When chasing our dreams we have to make sure that we add the practices daily to take our skills from novice to master. This means that we are to continually seek growth in what we do. If we can make the habit of pushing ourselves just a little more everyday, no matter how we feel, we will obtain the results we want. If we make excuses, we can’t be shocked about the lack of results.

5. People Are Looking For Hope Through You

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry they are always watching you.” Robert Fulghum

Children are just one example of people who are always watching your every move. They are looking to you to be an example to model their lives around. I can personally attest to this with my own children as well  as they often behave like me in social situations.

However, observing is not only done by adolescents. Your peers, co-workers, and family members are also watching how you respond to various situations in your life. The good ones are looking for you to inspire them and show them that their dreams are possible because they witnessed you reach yours. I can think back just over the last few years and can tell you that watching many of my friends progress their careers and strive for greatness has motivated me to seek my own path as well. You never know who is silently cheering you on in the background because your success will bring them hope.

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Fighting though adversity and the challenges you will face on your journey won’t be easy. In fact, they will cause you to make sacrifices you may not be ready to make, answer questions you would prefer to address at another time, and take more time than you may want to give.

However, the weight lifted off of your shoulders from the feeling of helplessness is worth all the temporary pain in your pursuit. There is a way out and that is all that matters. You can be free from the overwhelming feeling of doubt. You are on the cusp of a breakthrough that is well within your grasp if you would stretch yourself and reach for it. My hope today is that I have given you some solid reason not to quit. Whatever you have to go through to reach your goals is worth it.

Make today great!

Source: Blog: A Spark Starts

What are your reasons to never give up?

Leave a comment and share with your friends.

Character Humor

Character Humor

Often when we talk about character, we leave out the aspect of humor. It has been said that humor is a social lubricant and that without it people do not interact as well. What is humor? Some might say, “Humor is a shift of wit.” The dictionary definition is here.

What is character humor? It is that trait that allows us to laugh at ourselves and with others. Humor allows us to laugh. Character humor lets us laugh without offending or harming others. Remember to laugh with, not at.

Something funny

Good humor often doesn’t even need words.  Enjoy and have a great weekend.

character humor

Motivation to Study, Best and Worst

Motivation to study

Motivation to Study

By Leo Babauta original article published: The Best & Less-than-Best Motivations for Learning

More than 3,300 people signed up for the 30-Day Learning Challenge (wow!), and some of you might be finding a dip in your motivation to study.

That’s OK. We all go through dips in motivation sometimes. The key is to figure out a better motivator, and adjust your plan.

Today I’d like to talk about a few common motivations that don’t work that well, and then share what I’ve found to be the best motivations to study and learn — ones that keep you going strong even after a month or two.

Let’s start with some less-than-best motivations:

A big goal. People are often very motivated in the beginning of any challenge by setting a big goal for themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with this at all. However, I’ve found that without other motivation, you can lose steam after a week or two. Why? Because you don’t achieve the big goal in a week or two, and in fact if it’s a long ways away, after a couple of weeks you might not be much closer. So go ahead and set a big goal, but have something else that will motivate you in the short term.
Wanting to make quick progress. This is something I’ve experienced, and I’m not alone — we want to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time, and it can be frustrating and disappointing when we don’t make the quick progress we’d like. The truth is that any real progress takes time, and while you might get a quick spurt of learning done here and there, most often it comes with dedication and months of work. That said, if you have realistic expectations, seeing yourself make modest progress can be very motivating.
It sounds nice. Lots of times we take on a challenge because we think it would be cool to complete it. I think it would be cool to be able to do some amazing magic tricks, for example. But in the end, I’m not that motivated to put in the hard work required to do some really skilled magic tricks. That takes hours and hours of practice, weeks and weeks even, and I don’t care that much about it. I just think it would be cool. If you don’t care that much about the learning goal, you’ll quit when things get hard.
Creating your ideal self. Often we have a list of things we’d like to learn or improve, because we want to reach an ideal we have for ourselves. We want to be fit, healthy, mindful, talented, multi-lingual, accomplished and more. And while there’s nothing wrong with having these ideals, the truth is that you lose motivation after a week or two if this is your primary driver. Why? Because at some point, you stop caring about the ideal. You feel that it’s not worth the effort. You’re already pretty cool as you are, without needing to improve.

OK, so these common motivators don’t work so well … but what does work? Let’s talk about the things I’ve found to be good long-term motivators.

The Best Motivations

These five things are great motivators that can last beyond a week or two, in my experience:

Curiosity. This is my favorite motivator! When I take on a new learning challenge, it works best if I’m genuinely curious about something. If something is mildly interesting to me, I probably won’t stick with it for long. But if I want to go deeper and deeper, and learn everything I can about something, I will stick with it. So try to check how much curiosity you have for the thing you’re learning. You can spark the curiosity sometimes, but other times it’s better to scrap what you’re learning and find something that really gets you curious.
Exploring something new. For me, it’s often not about accomplishing something cool or reaching some ideal or goal … and more about exploring. This is obviously very related to curiosity, but for me, allowing myself to explore in a less disciplined way is often the more sustainable method of learning. I let myself play, let my curiosity lead me, let the discovery be the goal. Try loosening up on your learning and allow yourself to have fun discovering.
Doing it with someone else. I love this method — often I’ll take on a challenge with Eva or a friend, or one of my kids. It’s fun doing something with someone else, and often if one person loses motivation, the other person will help keep you both on track. I also am very motivated by wanting to help the other person, and while doing something for myself is also a great goal, doing it for someone else helps a lot.
Caring deeply about it. As I mentioned above, we sometimes don’t care that much about creating an ideal self, or reaching big long-term goals. So what do we care about? That’s a question we have to ask ourselves, and if you have an answer, that’s a great thing to devote yourself to learning. If you don’t have an answer, then devote yourself to exploring that question by learning different things.
To prove that you can take on difficult things. For years, I quit when the learning got difficult. But that’s when real learning happens — when things are difficult and you push through, when you are failing and wanting to quit. We learn by pushing ourselves into uncomfortable areas, and if we always quit, we’ll never get very deep into anything. So my best motivation recently is to prove to myself that I can stick to difficult learning challenges. So far, I proving myself right.

Source: The Best & Less-than-Best Motivations for Learning

What is your favorite motivation to study or learn something new? Leave a thought or two below. Share with your friends and ask what motivates them to learn.