Worlds Worst Self Help Videos

Worlds Worst Self Help Videos

Worlds Worst Self Help Videos

Even though this is a comedy, it does make one think about what areas you might need or want help in your life. We all need a little help or encouragement from time to time.Sometimes we get lucky and the help is useful. Other times, well, we could make our own worlds worst self help videos.

I like to use funny or interesting stories to remind me that while I could be better, I could be worse too. Always remember that we have a choice. Everyday with every decision,  your character is forged bit by bit. Do you have any good stories or better yet, videos that would share?

When I was in college, I gave a fellow  a ride. I had to stop for gas. When I went inside to pay, yes way before pay at the pump, he went through my glove box and stole a single check from my check book. Of course I did not know this at the time. About a week later, I got a phone call from the bank for bouncing a $750 check. Well, being the poor college student, I just laughed and told the person that I’ve never had $750 in the account ever and that I never wrote the check. I asked them to compare the signature on the check to the signature card. Of course they did not match, so I was off the hook. Do I still give people rides? Sure I do, but I’m a little more selective and I don’t keep my check book in the car anymore. I tell this story because while it could have made me less helpful or compassionate, I chose to be more careful and practical. I would hope that we can all learn from our mistakes, or better yet, learn from others.

worlds worst self help make a choice

I would love hear what avenues you have tried or seen others try and whether they worked. What are some experiences you have had with self help videos, books or courses? Good or bad, leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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