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Weekend Coffee Share Bloody Edition

Weekend Coffee Share – Bloody Edition

Weekend Coffee Share Bloody EditionThe blood was everywhere. Every nook and cranny of my manuscript. Okay, not real blood, but red ink from my editor. It’s all really good. Being my first book and not really having written much since college, I knew it needed work. Now I know just how much.

If we were having coffee, I would invite you to pull up a cup of your favorite brew while we talk about our week. I would ask how your projects are going and hope they are on track. My book is in the process of being rewritten. I have learned a lot the last couple of weeks and now it is time to apply it. I think I owe my editor a case of red pens.

I would also tell you that I’ve been apartment hunting since my job is taking me to Winston-Salem, NC. We will still be near the mountains and about 2-3 hours from parents. The possibilities are exciting (just not the move.) Having spent time in the Navy, I never mind moving, just the packing and the unpacking.

I had a nice chat with Shawn Manaher of the Author’s Hangout this week. We talked about book marketing and the associated challenges. It was very informative. Shawn was very helpful and gave great feedback on my current marketing actions.

I hope that you have an amazing week and remember that your actions and your words affect everyone around you. You can move society forward or drag us all down. It’s up to you!

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share Bloody Edition

    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. I love Shawn’s podcast. I agree lots of great info!

  1. Janice Wald

    Yes, I think humor is a character trait.
    1. Did you see I promoted your link in my recent post? I gave you a shoutout for the self-hosting help. I have another question.
    2. How did you get the optin box to pop up? Can you give me a link or do I go to plug ins and search Sumo Me optin boxes?

    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Hi Janice. Thanks for the shout out. I did not see it. I have am started a new job and I do not have the time to blog that I used to. Hoping things slow down eventually. There are several plugins that do optin boxes of different flavors. I use the one by SumoMe. I think they have a trial or free cersion

    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Janice, that would be editing the code which you do not want to do unless you are a wordpress programmer. There is usually an option on your admin page to do setup or customization for most plugins


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