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Trust Me

Trust me

Trust is key

Something we all want is trust. Trust is important because without it, our way of life breaks down. Without trust there is no commerce or trade. There is no social interaction free of suspicion. If trust is broken, there can be no love. Tell me, why is trust important to you? You can trust me.

Building Trust

Here is a previous article on building trust.Trust me

Building trust is easy to do, but it is also hard because it takes time. It is easy if you do the right things and treat people well.

A lot of it has to do with your character. If you have good character, it easier for people to trust you. Here are some tips on improving various character traits.

Trust is both strong and fragile

When you have a bond of trust with someone, it is strong. You can endure a lot in a relationship where there is trust. Trust is also as fragile as a butterfly’s wing, taking only one thoughtless or selfish act to shatter it. Building trust takes time, but destroying it can only take an instant. Trust me.

Once broken trust, is incredibly difficult to regain. If it is possible to repair, it will likely never be as strong as the original bond. It will take more time than establishing the original trust. If you are given trust, then you should work hard to never betray it in the slightest way. Trust is a valuable commodity. Being know as trustworthy is a very admirable character trait.

Trust is the foundation

Building house requires a solid foundation. Bedrock is the best. Building a relationship, business partnership, or friendship requires trust. Often it starts with a small gesture. You trust someone enough to smile or offer a handshake. Here is a great video on the importance of trust. I think you will like it. Trust me.

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