fall into character

Fall Into Character

Fall into Character

Fall is the gateway into a busy time of year in the states. The kids are in school, schools plays, high school football games, band competitions, American football, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or whatever you celebrate and the list goes on and on. It is easy to let our personal development goals and character vigilance fall by the wayside. One simply does not fall into character, but it sure is easy to fall out of character.

It Takes Effort

Fall into characterSwimming in a river requires effort just staying in one place. The same is true of good character. It takes work to keep your character in good standing. If you slack off, you start floating down the river. Working to get back up the river to where you started is hard. It is easier to expend a smaller effort to keep your place.

Character is the same way. It is easy to do nothing and float down toward lack of character. Once lost, some character traits are very difficult to regain. Trust for example, once broken is nearly impossible to restore completely.

How to Improve

So if we can’t just fall into character, how do we improve? It takes effort just to keep things as they are. How much more does it take to improve our character? That depends on you and your situation. Everyone is different with each character trait. Some find it easier to improve loyalty. While others find it easier to cultivate friendliness.  So where should you start? Pick a trait or two that you think could use improvement. Find a mentor or an accountability partner. Discuss what you can do to improve. Now do it. Here are some more tips to help you in your journey for better, stronger character.

Continue to Strive

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