Moving shows character

Moving Shows Character

Moving Shows Character

There are not too many things that will shine a bright light on your character and expose all the dark nooks and crannies for everyone to see. Moving across the country is one of these events. I think this is especially true if you are down-sizing and need to rid yourself of a few things. Getting ready to move is not usually too bad. The packing of the boxes often is a bit stressful especially if you do not plan and keep the things you need on a day-to-day basis separate and unpacked. Moving shows character, especially when things go wrong.

Anyone that has moved knows the many steps that can go awry. Just to name a few:

  • You don’t have enough boxesMoving shows character
  • You run out of tape
  • The truck isn’t big enough
  • The movers are late
  • The dolly has a flat tire
  • The couch does not fit through the door

Of course this list is not comprehensive, please feel free to add your own moving adventures to the comments below. No matter what you are moving to or from, there will be stress involved. How you deal with it, in essence, shows what your personal substance. Moving shows character. Up-sizing, down-sizing, right-sizing does not matter. I find it helpful take a short mental break now and then to release any pent-up aggression. Read, blog, go out to dinner, have some wine, but get away from the moving. I also recommend Great for that extra labor to haul heavy things up and down stairs.

Yes, moving shows character. So does any stressful situation in which you find yourself. Learning to relax and breathe can help. Having good character is a great think, but character really needs displaying when you find yourself in a difficult situation.

What are some of your moving or other stories where your character was on display for all to see? I’m looking forward to your thoughts.

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