Hospitality is important

Hospitality is important

Hospitality is Important

The holidays are fast approaching. I hope that you plan to have visitors in your home. Hospitality is a factor in many aspects of our lives. Though often we do not give it a second thought. Have you ever arrived some place and felt ignored or unwelcome? Good hospitality would never allow that. My grandmother was always a hospitable and gracious hostess. She always taught the family that hospitality is important. Not only when being a host, but that it was equally important when one was a guest.

Being Good Host/HostessHospitality is important

What makes someone a good host or hostess? I think the character traits of honesty, compassion and generosity are key. Grandma always had a warm inviting way about her. She greeted visitors with a smile and always offered them something to eat and drink. The fare was always simple, home-made and delicious. Grandma offered food and drink freely, never with a sense of duty or expectation of repayment. Listening to your guests and responding with sincere, thoughtful words makes a great host. Being kind, generous and compassionate toward your guests will make them feel welcome.

So how do I get better?

Becoming a better host or hostess is like becoming better at any part of your life. It requires an effort. It requires a direction. And it requires some understanding. The understanding is the easy part. Knowing what you as a good host or hostess must do is the first step. Have a clean, inviting home. You do not need a palace or even a huge sitting room to be a good host. You do need something to drink and eat to offer your guests. It can be as simple as water and peanut butter crackers. Here are some good tips for hospitality on a budget.

Hospitality is important. We can make the world a more inviting place, one visit at a time. You get better by practicing. If you are having trouble getting started, invite a good friend over and practice with them. When you feel more comfortable, ask that friend to bring someone with them. Keep practicing and soon you will be a hospitable and gracious host or hostess.

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