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Got Coffee?

Got Coffee?

If we were having coffee, after we get settled with our favorite hot beverage, I would tell you that the new apartment is mostly setup and functional. Our home is clean and orderly, at least my wife’s part. I do love you babe! I am making progress on my part, but I’m not as efficient as my lovely wife at straightening, arranging and organizing. There is light at the end of the tunnel and we are close enough to see that it is not a train! Got Coffee?

How was your week? Are you working on changing or improving any habits? Are you writing? Are you reading? Tell me about your pet project. What plans do you have for the New Year?

Year In Review

A most sincere and humble thank you to everyone that stopped by and shared a thought or two over the last year. It’s hard to believe that I’ve blogged for over a year. It seems like yesterday that Down Home Thoughts started publishing.

Since the beginning blog there have been:

While the list above is not complete due to faulty memory and lack of time to go and dredge it out of the archives, the year has been a tremendous one. And you, yes you, make it all not only possible, but worth-while. Have a great end of 2015 and an even better 2016.

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