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What is inspiration? It is that thought or feeling that nudges or pushes to be better than we are today. What are some things, thoughts, ideas or people who inspire you? Better yet, who or what do you inspire?

What do you need to be inspired to do?

Where do you look for inspiration?


To inspire is incredible

Photo Inspiration

Here is a random collection of photos that represent thing, thoughts or people who inspire me. The Lincoln Memorial for Abraham Lincoln. A man from simple beginnings. Mr. Lincoln became President of the United States during one of our countries most turbulent times. The Washington Monument represents the ideals upon which our country was founded. There is hope that we will return to those ideals. World War II Veterans give me inspiration. I can only imagine what they faced and then  returned home to take up business as usual. Nature in all its awesome beauty both large and small encourages and relaxes me.

Simple things like men working and doing things the old-fashioned way give me strength when I am tired. Hand-woven and dyed cloth amazes me and sparks my imagination with the intricate threading and designs. Civilizations, both old and new bring inspiration in how people live together in closeness.

Grandma always inspired me by how she was able to amazing things with a needle and thread. Even though she had severe arthritis, she was still able to sew, knit and crochet. Yarn or thread would go in one side and these really beautiful items would come out the other. Never a word of complaint passed her lips about the knots on her hands and fingers. Anytime I work on something and feet like quitting, I always remember Grandma.

What are some things, thoughts or people who inspire you?

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