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New Year Motivation

New Year Motivation

What is your New Year Motivation? Are you excited about the possibilities? Dreading another year of the grind? Looking forward to something always helps me to plan and appreciate everything that much more. There are many things that can motivate you. Find your new year motivation and start the year with a bang.

Positive Attitude

I know it sounds trite, but having a positive attitude really helps. If you think something is crappy, you are usually right. The same goes for expecting things to go well. Does it work all the time? No, of course not. But, having a positive outlook overall helps even when things don’t turn out the way you want them. Looking forward to something helps keep you focused on why you are working hard toward a goal. Look for your New Year motivation.


New Year Motivation GratitudeMy grandmother always kept a strong positive attitude, in spite of her debilitating arthritis. She greeted each day with a smile and prayer of thanks. Beginning a new year can be the signal to look forward to all the great possibilities that await you. Start with an attitude of gratitude and be motivated by being thankful.

Being gracious does not immediately bring to mind motivation. It is more likely thoughts of thankfulness and well-being. A gracious attitude can be motivating. Think how you feel when some one that you do a favor or other kind act is genuinely gracious. The truly appreciate what you have done for them and give you a sincere and heart-felt thank you. Does that not motivate you to go out and do another kind or gracious act?

More Motivation?

Check out Addicted to Success and 43 of the most popular motivation quote images. Or maybe you need a daily dose of good thoughts. Go to Darren Hardy’s site and sign up for Darren’s Daily.  Here are a few articles from Down Home Thoughts:

I would love to hear what gets you motivated. Or what keeps you from being motivated. Please leave your thoughts below. If you enjoyed the article or found it helpful, please share with your friends.

One thought on “New Year Motivation

  1. Rowena

    Hi Shaun,
    I really loved the graphic at the top depicting the leap of faith. I have been thinking about that myself with my own New Year’s reflections. I’ve been having a serious think about where I’m going but also had a humorous poke at the miracles we anticipate with the start of a new year. The humour went into this post: A Magical New Year
    I also wrote my dog a list of New Year’s resolutions. He’s a pretty good dog but has his quirks:
    It’s much easier to write a list up for him than myself.
    In terms of what stops me from being motivated, I’d have to say it’s a real crippling sense of needing to be perfect. Of not being allowed to make mistakes and yet I’m so conscious of my failings. I am very grateful that I can write and do photography well, especially as the practical side of life just passes me by. I had chemo 2 years ago to treat an auto-immune disease and haven’t really been the same since and this has unsettled me a lot. I have improved and I am thinking the year ahead could well be my year but I need to get up and running.
    I thinking in terms of small steps and these will add up but I think that first step seems to be the hardest.
    Best wishes,


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