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Resolutions Busted

Resolutions Busted

Did you get done the things you had planned? Were steps taken to in improve your character or some other aspect of your life? Did you make a New Year’s resolution or two? Are your resolutions busted already? They may be to big. I made one resolution for the year 2000. That was to make no more New Year’s resolutions. That does not mean I don’t review my year and look at what I could have done better. I just don’t do it on New Year’s. Take a smaller approach. Do it daily.

Daily resolutions

Resolutions busted

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I suggest making resolutions every day. Not big grandiose ones like “I’m going to get in shape and run a marathon.” You might have that as a goal for the year, but look at today. Today I am going to run half a mile. Maybe in a few days you change it to be a mile. Make today better than yesterday. What ever your resolutions, don’t wait. Act on them today. Then do it again tomorrow.

Pick one or two areas of your life that you want to improve. Write it down. Take a small action or step toward that area every day. Narrow it down. If it’s health, maybe don’t eat any sugar today. Character? Today I will be more kind. I will hold the door for a stranger.

You should be able to write your resolution on a small Post-It. It’s not a book. It is not a grandiose plan. Your resolution is an action that you will take today.

The key to improvement is to take action. Then repeat. Repeat. Repeat. A desire and a plan to change are good, but they are utterly useless without action.

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