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Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share

As we sit down to enjoy our favorite beverage, I want to ask how your week went. Did you get done the things you had planned? Were there steps to in improve your character or some other challenge? Let’s have a little weekend coffee share.

weekend coffee share directionsIt’s been a great week. I got a newsletter out and a couple of blog articles written. A bit of research done around a couple of chapters in the book. My lovely wife and I visited the senior center, joined and started a couple of classes. We swim a couple of times per week. My lovely wife is doing a workout class and I’m attending the weekly writer’s get together. There are two published authors in the group and then the rest of us. All at various stages of writing. Some are working on a book. Others just thoughts and poetry.

Where are you headed? Do you have a plan? Or do you just play it by ear? Is there an established goal? Maybe it’s take it as it comes? I think a little of both is the best. Have a plan or a goal, but be flexible. Bend with the issues or challenges that arise. Plan but adapt. Be ready to change directions.

Your Direction?

What’s going on with you? Any new or interesting projects? A challenge or road block perhaps? Let’s talk about it. I would love to hear what’s going on. Maybe I can help. Sometimes talking or writing about challenges will help you sort out a solution. What’s going well? Anything need work? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Join the Weekend Coffee Share

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