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Trustyworthy Building Trust


Trustworthy The Gateway to Good Character

TrustworthyWhy is trust so important? Well, for one, you really can’t have friends without it. You can’t bank without it. Business is difficult to conduct without it. Building trust is key to so many aspects of a rational functioning society. Forging Character requires building trust.  Merriam-Webster describes trust as a “reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. If someone meets this definition, then they are trustworthy.

What is trust?

Trust is the knowledge that a person will act in your best interest. Trust is believing in the other person so strongly that you will act in their best interest. If you share a secret, then you know with certainty your friend will never share the secret. Trust is a bond, a mutual understanding. It is shared between friends, co-workers, leaders and subordinates. Absolute trust is a rare and almost mystical thing. Very few people trust enjoy that level of trust, ever. If you do, consider yourself very fortunate

Trust is also a dichotomy. It is as strong as steel, yet at the same time as fragile as an egg.

How do we go about becoming trustworthy?

Here is a post about building trust. If you are not trustworthy, then building trust is critical. Even if you are perfectly trusted, knowing how to build trust can you help see when you are drifting the wrong way. Building trust a key part in every relationship.

Trust and Character

Trust and character go hand in hand. It is difficult to have one without the other. Character by it’s very nature requires trust. It is said that gratitude is the parent of all other virtues. If we accept this as true, then certainly being trustworthy is the gateway to character.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and share with your friends. The discussion on character is important to society.

weekend coffee share busy edition

Weekend Coffee Share Interview edition

Weekend Coffee Share Interview Edition

Weekend Coffee share Intervew LaRee BryantThis weekend coffee share finds me relaxing with a bottle of water and resting up after a workout and making brownies. I would offer a coffee or tea if such is your preference.  We are cleaning a bit in preparation for visitors. We are having a couple over for a game night. Hence the brownies cooling on the stove. This week I published an interview with LaRee Bryant. If you don’t know LaRee’s work, check out the interview and her books. We could talk a bit about her cozy mysteries or historical romance novels in this weekend coffee share interview edition.

I hope you had a good week. Tell me about it. Overall my week was okay. One of my really good friends is on the verge of losing his mom. She has been going downhill for a while, but that does not make it any easier. She was one of the many mom’s I had growing up. Of course I will miss her, but it will be nice to not see her suffering any more. A mixed blessing.

No road trips this week. My lovely wife and I had a nice date night. We saw the movie The Big Short. It was interesting and funny at times. If you have any interest in the stock market you must see this move. Then we went for a nice three mile walk and dinner at Zoë’s Kitchen. A lovely Mediterranean

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Author Intervew LaRee Bryant

Author Interview LaRee Bryant

Author Interview LaRee Bryant

Welcome Author LaRee Byrant to Down Home Thoughts. I had the pleasure of meeting LaRee at my weekly writing club. She came as a guest speaker to share her thoughts about writing and publishing. Here are some things I learned from her talk to our writing club and  a nice chat over lunch. I have taken the liberty of writing in question and answer form for the article, “Author Interview LaRee Bryant.”

About LaRee

LaRee Bryant is the New York-published author of seven historical romance novels,  two non-fiction books and more recently, two cozy mysteries. She has been a writing teacher and professional editor for over 20 years and “ghosted” or “doctored” an impressive number of books.

Hi LaRee, thanks for taking your time to talk to us today. When did you start writing?

LaRee: I’ve been writing forever. When I was younger, I wrote a sequel to the Wizard of Oz.

That’s really cool. Do you write full-time?

LaRee: I have a full-time job running my professional administrative services company and spending time with my grandkids. I try to write every day for at least 30 minutes.

What was your first traditional published work?

LaRee: I wrote a series of seven historical romance novels.

You used a big publishing house for these works, but your new mystery series is self published on Amazon and Create Space. Why the change?

LaRee: When you sign a book deal, it’s a contract. The publisher controls many aspects of your book, from cover choice to title and sometimes even wants changes in little things, such as story location. I wasn’t too fond of some of those situations, so when I started my cozy mystery series, I thought I’d try the freedom that comes with self publishing.

How do you approach a new story?

LaRee: I have an idea and I start a notebook for each story. The notebook has all the little details that allow me paint an accurate and detailed word picture for my readers. I do the research and I have visited every place that I have written about except for one book that was set in the Amazon. For that one I had friend who had lived there and was able draw on her experience to create an authentic setting. I feel strongly about the importance of the details.

What advice would you give a beginning author?

LaRee: Write every day. Do the research. Find a good editor.

Author Interview LaRee BryantWhat is next for you?

LaRee: I have an historical coming out at the end of February — “Forever” is set in Jefferson, Texas in 1903  —  and then I’ll go to work on the third book for the Poppy Green Mystery series.

Tell us a bit about the main character Poppy.

Author Intervew LaRee BryantLaRee: Poppy Green is a pretty, perky and insatiably curious interior plant care specialist for some very upscale clients in Dallas. Between her work and her friends in her Lakewood home neighborhood, she manages to stumble into some very interesting situations.  That’s when her curiosity gets her in trouble.

Thank you LaRee for taking time out of your busy schedule and sharing your thoughts.

More about LaRee

Author interview LaRee BryantSocial Media and the web links for LaRee:

Watch for LaRee’s newest Poppy Green book “Moonflower Madness” available soon in e-book and paperback on Amazon.

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Weekend Coffee Share Voice Over Edition

If we were having coffee or another beverage, I would excitedly tell you about an interesting information session I attended about doing voice over work. Part of the session included everyone recording a short few sentences and the person doing the seminar edited it, put it to music and voila we had a commercial. I went out of curiosity since several people have told me that I have an easy to listen to voice. Although my kids might disagree. I really enjoyed the complete process. The presenter covered both the positive and the negative aspects of doing voice over work. I am doing more research on the topic. Stay tuned. There may be another weekend coffee share voice over edition, film at 11.

How was your week? I hope it was great. We did another road trip last week. We hopped in the car and headed out to Abilene via the back roads. We really love our Roadside Attractions app. Here are a few photos from the trip.

Forging Character

The book is coming along. I think re-writing is worse than writing. At least from a difficulty perspective. I hope your projects are going smoother.

Author Interviews

If you like mystery stories, then you will want to read Monday’s blog that will feature Cozy Mystery Author LaRee Bryant. Her writing is incredibly detailed and she shares some her writing habits with us. LaRee came and spoke to our writer’s club. I was also fortunate to chat with her over lunch one day. She is a very insightful and skilled author. I hope you join us Monday. If you have friends that enjoy a good mystery, they will thank you for introducing them to LaRee.

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