Weekend Coffee Share Birthday Edition

WeekendCoffeeShare Willpower Edition

WeekendCoffeeShare Willpower Edition

If we were sharing a hot beverage, mine would be coffee. A nice steaming mocha. What will you have? While I fix our drinks, I would tell you that I participated in our dojo‘s annual Kan Geiko. This is a traditional Japanese cold weather training. Enjoy this weekendcoffeeshare willpower edition.

weekendcoffeeshare willpower editionWe get up early and meet at the dojo at 6 am. We work out until we nice and hot, then we run outside around the building to the pull bars and then the wall for step-ups. Never stopping, we dash back inside. Training is not only for the physical aspect of health, but also for the mental edge in exercising your willpower. I will be writing more about this on Monday. The 5 gallon buckets you see have water in them. We start the week with 1 gallon and add a gallon every day. By the end of the week, you are ready to have the bucket dumped on you because you tire of doing squats and jumps and other exercises, all while carrying your bucket.

Thursday I met with the writer’s club at the local senior center. The group takes turn reading some work they wrote. People are free to give feedback or not. When it was my turn, I read the first chapter of my book, Forging Character. I received some great feedback. A couple of places where I repeated myself, repeated myself…..that need some clean-up as well as some comments of encouragement.

My favorite feedback was from one of the published authors in the group. He said, “Run with it.” Needless to say this elevated my enthusiasm to finish the re-write and get it back to my editor.

Other than a minor bug giving me a scratchy throat and a bit of fever, I had an awesome week.

How is your week going? Need to boost your willpower? You don’t have to go train in the cold like I did this week. Check out my blog article on Monday about increasing willpower.

Have a great week and I hope you enjoyed weekendcoffeeshare willpower edition!

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