Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself Today

Trust Yourself

Building trust with other is important in business. It is equally important in our personal relationships. Where do you start? Trust yourself. You must be comfortable with decisions that you make. Do not approach life timidly. If you do not trust yourself today, take a small step toward trusting. Make a conscious effort to do at least one thing outside your comfort zone today.

Trust YourselfI don’t want you to go cliff diving or hang gliding, unless these activities are things you enjoy. Do something simple like take a new route to work. Trust is a mental muscle. You must use it.

Make the leap today. Don’t start with the Grand Canyon of decisions or changes. Begin by stepping over a small crack in the sidewalk. The key is to do this every day. Yes, every day. Start small and build your confidence. Trust yourself. Make the jump.

A good article on Psych Today talks about three very important steps to develop self-trust. First avoid people who undermine your self-trust. Stay way from people who make you doubt yourself. Second, keep promise to yourself. Third, speak kindly to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over a decision gone wrong. Learn from it and move on.

We all make mistakes. Learn from it and don’t keep making the same mistake over and over. Mistakes are how learn. Have you ever seen a baby trying to walk? Do the just jump up and take off? No, they totter and fall, but they get right back up. They keep trying different things until they get it figured out. Sure they may get a bump or two along the way, but they keep trying and so should you.

Before you can trust other, you must trust yourself.

Trust starts with you. Trust yourself today.

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