Loyalty Why Bother

Loyalty Why Bother?

Loyalty Why Bother?

A good question. Does being loyal matter? What about expecting loyalty? In a very unscientific poll, loyalty ranked second only after trustworthiness. What is the meaning of being loyal? You are loyal to a brand, a team, a city or a country. You can also be loyal to a friend. Merriam Websters defines loyalty as

a feeling of strong support for someone or something

Strong Support

Loyalty Why BotherHow do we support someone or something that we have some level of fidelity towards? If it is a team, we can wear their jersey and go to their games. We are loyal to a brand by always buying that brand and recommending it to our friends. What about people? How do we show loyalty to a friend? Why not the same way we do for teams or things? Attend events that are important to them. Talk about our friends and introduce them to other people they might like to know. Answer their phone calls?

Why Bother?

Because it’s right. Being loyal to your family and friends is an important character trait. Without trust and loyalty, we as a society, begin to break apart. We don’t do it because they are loyal to us first. Like most character traits, being loyal develops over time. It requires careful attention. When you need help, who do you call? A loyal friend or family member. This is why we bother. Because we all need help at times. We also need to give help. Being in a position to help a friend in need is good for your heart and soul. You help, not because it’s convenient, but because you want to support your friend.

You can’t have it without earning it. It is not always easy, but then most things in life that are worth having are not. Is there effort involved? Absolutely! Is earning someone’s loyalty worth it? You better believe it! That’s why bother.

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