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Being helpful is, in general, a good thing. We are taught from a young age to help each other. Most religions teach people to help one another. The first step, I believe, is that you are willing to help. Be watchful or observant. Stay on the lookout for areas where you can give assistance. If you are mechanically challenged like me, perhaps offering help someone change a tire in the rain is not such a good idea. I would offer to hold the umbrella.

How can you be helpful?

How to be more helpful

A little nudge

The Golden Rule says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But don’t forget to ask before you help. Helping is only appreciated if needed AND desired. Not everyone wants your help. So take a second and ask before you just join the fray. Another good question to ask after determining help is needed and desired is “Do I have what is necessary?” This could be skills, food, money, etc. If someone needs food and you have extra, great! Share it. But if you are struggling to feed your own family, then perhaps you should find another way to help. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge.  Here are some ideas from LifeHack.

It all starts with listening to the person that needs or appears to need your help. Listen and observe. Try some realistic suggestions. Focus on some positive aspect of the situation. Above all, be sincere and don’t expect anything in return.

What happens if we are more helpful?

Maybe, the world becomes a bit better. Imagine that if everyone was just a little nicer, a little more helpful, what would be the impact on our world. People do not think they have the power to change the world, and they are right. They do have the power to change themselves and in doing so, change a small part of the world. If we all do just a little every day, the effect can be enormous. How will you be more helpful today?

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