weekend coffee share busy edition

Weekend coffee share friendly edition

Weekend coffee share friendly edition

forging smallWelcome to the Weekend coffee share friendly edition. If we were having coffee or another beverage of your choice, I would tell that the book, Forging Character,  is moving slowly. What do I mean by slowly? Think molasses in winter. I took a break and an just can’t seem to get back into the rewrite. Yes, the rewrite that was supposed to be done already. I hope your projects are going much better. Work is going well. Hopefully there will be a more interesting update next week. 🙂 Stay tuned.

Being Friendly

My co-workers always seem amazed that I can work with a diverse group of people from other teams to get things done. I tell them it’s not really hard. You just have to be friendly. Often people who are perceived as being difficult to deal with just need to be asked the right way. How is that you ask? You do it in a friendly, open way asking them to share their area of expertise in addressing your problem.

Weekend coffee share friendly editionIt is all about being friendly. Not the false smile of a used car salesmen, but an honest interest in what they do. Will I get something out of it? Absolutely. It is my hope that we both learn something.

Being friendly can take many different paths. The simplest and often overlooked, is to simply be there and listen.

Want to read a more psychological approach to being friendly? Check out this article. Or maybe a more social approach here.

Whatever you decide, it does take a bit effort to change your habits if you are not already in a friendly mindset. Like anything in life that is worth something, being friendly takes a bit of work. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Unless you like being alone all the time. People like being around friendly people.

Weekend Coffee Share

I hope you have a great week ahead. Stop by and visit Diana at Parttime Monster. She hosts the Weekend Coffee share. Write your own post and share it on the linky.

I would love to hear your thoughts below. Please share with your friends. The more the merrier.

4 thoughts on “Weekend coffee share friendly edition

    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Betty. That’s a great attitude to have!

  1. Barbara In Caneyhead

    I haven’t been around much. Took a hiatus from blogging for about 6 months. Now I’m all immersed in the AtoZChallenge. Treat others as you would like to be treated. That’s what it boils down to. Plain old Southern hospitality, friendliness and honesty.
    Good luck with your rewrite.
    Revisit the Tender Years with me during the #AtoZChallenge at Life & Faith in Caneyhead!

    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Absolutely Barbara. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m taking off the A to Z this year. I’ll definitely drop by!


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