Weekend Coffee Share Simple Edition

Weekend Coffee Share Great Things Edition

Weekend Coffee Share Great Things Edition

Weekend coffee share work editionIf we were having coffee, I would tell you why this blog entry title is Weekend Coffee Share Great Things Edition! It is because I recorded my voice demo at a two-hour studio session last week. It was amazing. If you have an interest in finding out more about being a voice actor, you can check out Voice Coaches. i did my first training with them and recorded my demo. I should have my final cut off the demo in about 2 weeks. If you know of anyone that uses voice talent, I would love to get their contact info so that I can send them my demo. I hope that everything is moving along in your world and if not going exactly according to plan, that it’s at least in the general direction.

A New Direction

Sometimes things don’t always go the way you have planned, but they usually work out for the better. I have also accepted a full-time position with a company in the Dallas area. This is really exciting for me because they offer software to an industry that I am very interested in and always look for opportunities to learn more. That area is real estate. The company delivers software as a service to apartment owners and investors to better manage their investment. I will be starting my new adventure a week from Monday. While i will be doing many of the same things, I have a whole new system and sets of teams to learn. I love learning new things and I am looking forward to a new adventure.

The Fun Front

My lovely wife and I made an appearance at Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival. We spent the day wandering back through time amid lords, ladies, knights, damsels, wenches, pirates, fairies, trolls, dragons and bards. There many interesting shows, stories and craft demonstrations. One of my favorites was the Fire Whip. The guy doing the show supposedly has nine Guinness world records. I have not verified this, but after watching his show, it is definitely believable.

My top pick though was the amazing presentation by the royal falconer. He had many birds of prey in various stages of training. Learning about the training regimen for both the falconer and his or her bird was very interesting. It takes over 1000 hours before the team is ready to start training to take down prey. This is called “manning” the bird. Essentially getting it used to humans. The team also takes in wounded birds of prey and attempts to rehabilitate them and return them to the wild. The organization is Last Chance Forever.

Our Host

I hope you enjoyed Weekend Coffee Share Great Things Edition. Don’t forget to stop by and visit Diana at Parttime Monster. She hosts this lovely weekend coffoee share. Better yet, write your own, join in the conversation and link up. Remember to leave your comments below and as always, share with your friends.

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