The simple life

The Simple Life

The simple life, thoughts from Grandma

Ah, the simple life. The words conjure thoughts of a decent and easy life, a life we imagine that our grandparents lived. Simple is not always easy. When you have to plant, tend and harvest your own food, feed and milk the cows, take care of the other livestock, life can get very busy.

The Simple LifeOften we choose to complicate life. As I said before, the simple path is not always the easy one. Simple does not mean old-fashioned or without technology. For me, it’s a mindset.

Take a moment and look at the things you do everyday that maybe doing a different way or not at all might simplify your daily “grind.” What are those things?

Some things money can’t buy

Important things which can affect your character and subsequently society as a whole are not for sale. Watch this video for a few of these. What are some of your favorite things that can not be bought? A couple of mine are love and memories.

How do you get it if you can’t buy it?

You can’t buy the simple life, so then how do you get it? For me, a lot of it is mindset. It’s a choice that I make everyday to be happy with what I have and where I am. That does NOT mean that I settle for what I have and where I am. I am always working hard at improving my finances, my relationships, my skills, etc. But I do choose to be happy with where I am.

Don’t suffer the settle for mentality

If you merely accept where you are and what you are doing, then you have succumbed to the “settle for mentality.” You can be happy and still strive to improve yourself. Learn something new, make a new friend, touch base with an old friend, save some money, make some money, share an idea, etc.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on living a simple life and what that means to you. Share with your friends. The more people joining the conversation, the better.

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