Weekend Coffee Share Whirlwind Edition

Weekend Coffee Share Whirlwind Edition

weekend coffee share whirlwind editionWhat’s up with you? Let’s sit down over a virtual cup of coffee or perhaps tea and have a chat. Weekend Coffee Share whirlwind edition is all about chaos in my life. I have to say I love it.

Oh sure, I like some predictability, but that gets boring after a while. A certain amount of managed chaos is good. Your mind has to stretch to embrace new situations, new scenarios. Have you ever changed up your cup of coffee or tea? Maybe try it with honey instead of sugar or fresh cream instead of 2% milk.

How does change or chaos affect you? Me? I drink more coffee! 🙂

How do you adjust?

I think having some level of managed chaos or change, helps you deal with those things that you really have no control over what-so-ever. My theory is if you have some changes in your life that you manage, then it’s easier to deal with “things” that happen when you have no control.

Just my $0.02 for what it’s worth. How do you deal with change and chaos in your life? Do you embrace it? Run from it? Hope that it will just go away? I want to hear your thoughts.

And now for something completely different

No, not that. Some of you may have heard me talk a bit about my martial arts training in kenpo. There is a once in a lifetime event happening in Dallas, TX. Grandmaster Al Tracy will be at a seminar with over a dozen other masters and grandmasters in Kenpo and other disciplines. Over 500 years of martial experience will be teaching hands on classes. You can find out more by visiting Chamberlain Studios website. Please share this with any of your friends and family that practice martial arts.

Stop by and thank our virtual hostess

Diana, over at ParttimeMonster, is our gracious hostess for this virtual coffee share. Stop by and visit her to say thanks and maybe even write your own Weekend Coffee Share and add it to the linky. Have a great week ahead and keep those thoughts churning.

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