Rename Common Sense?

Rename common sense? What do you think?

Rename common sense?

Should we rename common sense? I mean is it really common? For that matter, what is common sense? According to Miriam-Webster common sense is the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions. Of course that leads to the question of what is reasonable and good? Since we are talking about common to everyone, then I suppose that any action reflects thinking and behavior both reasonable and good in the eyes of most people.

 What say you?

Do you think we need to rename common sense? I do and here are some candidate choices:

  • rename common senseUncommon sense
  • Rare responsibility
  • The lost art of humanity
  • Our lost heritage

I just don’t know. It seems like so many people just do not have or least do not exhibit even the most minute shred of common sense. People do not prepare for much of anything. My grandparents had food canned in Mason jars and stored to last several months. They grew most of it themselves.

If our financial system, which runs on old technology, gets seriously hacked and your credit and debit cards no longer work, can you feed yourself and your family?

This is the type of common sense that I am talking about. No, I’m not into “prepping” but I do advocate having some level of plan on how to handle adverse events. Things like a flat tire, your water or electricity go off for some time or perhaps someone steals your identity or hacks your checking account.

Do you feel like you have common sense?

Please feel free to share with your friends and by all means, leave your thoughts below.

3 thoughts on “Rename common sense? What do you think?

  1. masodo

    It is funny (read “sad”) that as our world becomes ostensibly more connected the individual seems to be devolving deeper and deeper into a selfish type creature. Earlier values – as they relate to common sense – stemmed from good old community spirit. A feeling of belonging to a community with an inherent obligation and responsibility to contribute in some way to the betterment of the lives of those around you. By extension it was also reasonable to expect that others in the community would behave in a similar manner. Even the word “sense” relates to feelings – so in that respect what you and I grew up thinking of as “Common Sense” translated to a feeling of community. In this day and age there is a “Common Sense” only the sense everyone seems to have in common is that of selfishness. I suppose this puts me in line with the “Lost Heritage” scenario (if not the Lost Art of Humanity camp.)

    1. shawngriffith Post author

      Masado you are most assuredly and sadly correct. I think technology has the capacity to improve common sense, but unfortunately, people are involved. People tend to screw things up. Often not on purpose, but because they are lazy or just not educated in “Common Sense.” Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Ally Bean

    Oddly enough I’ve often been told that I have too much common sense. I’m pragmatic, creative, and see things/people for what/who they are. It seems to me that “straightforward sensibilities” might be a good rename for common sense. Although “rare responsibility” has a certain ring to it. Wonderful topic here.
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