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Whole30 Day9

Whole30 Day9

What’s the one item when trying to change people tell you is key to success?  Share the experience.  Let others know you are on your health journey.  Really?  I thought that was a good idea.  Today thought I’m not so sure.

Everyone, and I mean everyone knows I’m a picky eater.  Corn, peas, Lima beans and potatoes are pretty much my limit on vegetables.  Fruit?  Um, applesauce and maybe a slice of pineapple on ham.  Yep that captures all the fruit typically on my diet.

Whole30 Day9

Yucky Foods… from

Now, shall we count how many people stop by or text me during the day?  How’s lunch?  Are you hungry?  What could you possibly find to eat?  Are you going to stop this thing pretty soon?

Even worse, today’s lunch honestly wasn’t good.  Leftover Greek Meatballs from the other night.  They were fair the first time but unforgettable the second.  A recipe that won’t be repeated during or after the Whole30 program ends.

At least Shawn cooked up a storm this past weekend.  Thankfully, he’s both a sweetheart and a trooper. Courageously he has volunteered to finish those off for us.  I just need to pack other lunches for the rest of the week.

For those who know Shawn, you see how protective of me he is.  He say’s he doesn’t worry about anything in life.  He has tremendous faith.  However, since we’ve been married let’s just say he got more than he could bargain for.  I do keep him on his toes.  High school friends just laugh.  Anyways, now we have a daily ritual of interrogating (maybe that’s too strong, maybe not).  How are you doing?  Are you feeling okay?  Are you going to make it?

Whole30 Day9

Shawn trying to get me to try new things… from

Really, Whole30 Day9 finds me with a headache. I’m tired and feel like I’m not firing on all cylinders.  I’d love to have a Pepsi and some pretzels with peanut butter.  No, I’m not hungry – a question I’m asked numerous times a day.  But that doesn’t remove the desire.

So, Whole30 Day9 ends with me drinking yet more water (you have no idea how water logged I feel) and hoping this is all worth it in the end.

Happy Halloween!

Week30 Toe the Line Day 9

Whole30 Toe The Line Day 9

Whole30 Toe The Line Day 9

Maybe it’s easier if you only have two toes? Doing well this week. It’s time for Whole30 Toe The Line.  Keep on keepin’ on. Don’t give in. We can do it! Today got off to decent start. Had my 2 eggs and sausage while Teri had her sausage. She doesn’t do eggs except for a fritata, a quiche or the like.

When I got to work, it was coffee time and off to the races, metaphorically. Work kept me busy until lunch. Had the Greek meatballs, some home-made ketchup and a lovely sweet potato applesauce mash. Even though, the meatballs were on the bland side, I kept tasting them all afternoon.

Whole30 toe the line day 9

sugar Sugar SUGAR

Company leadership came around in the afternoon dropping sugar bombs o everyone’s desk. While better than the usual bombs they drop, I promptly gave mine away before temptation could take root. I really have a limited craving for sugar after being Whole30 for 9 days.

Of course it didn’t stop there. There was a big Halloween costume contest and more cookies, candy and junk food. I avoided the contest. I was still full from lunch so that helped reduce the temptation or desire to snack.

So far so good with Whole30 toe the line.

Still have to Whole30 toe the line

We are almost in double digits. Can’t quit now! Do not let up. Keep up the momentum. Double digits here we come. Of course the Whole30 forums talk about how one is most likely to abandon the process on Day 10 or 11.

Must. Power. Through. I think I’m doing fine. Teri says it depends on the moment for her. Most of the time she is good. Other times, well thoughts chucking the Whole30 diet and going back to our old eating habits take over. We used to snack a lot during the day and evening. Peanut butter crackers during the day. Popcorn and pretzels at night. Not all the time, but often enough.

I hope to learn what things we eat have a negative effect on our day-to-day lives. I guess we find out in 21 more days.

Whole30 halfway

Whole30 Week 2 Begins

Whole30 Week 2 Begins

Week one is behind us and Day 8 dawns as Whole30 week 2 begins. The day begins much like the others. Eggs and sausage for me. Teri takes the remaining pseudo bacon and applesauce. Please checkout her journey here. My energy level and focus is on the upswing. Work passes quickly and lunch is turkey stir fry. How do you make stir fry with no soy sauce? Coconut aminos. Never heard of them before. Me either.

More New Things as Whole30 Week 2 Begins

Whole30 week 2 beginsAs Whole30 week 2 begins, more new discoveries dawn. Stir fry with coconut aminos is good. It just tastes different from soy sauce. Dinner is pork roast with onions, potatoes and apples. Seasoning leans toward the Middle East with coriander, salt and cumin. The roast turned out very moist and flavorful.

Definitely another keeper recipe. The Greek meatballs, not so much. They turned out a little on the bland side. Personally I think they would be okay with nice tzatziki sauce, but there is NO DAIRY in Whole30.  C’est la vie.

Better Eating Habits

So far self-discipline is maintaining our continued development of good habits. There is the reason of knowing that the other person will know if we cheated. Starting over at day  is NOT an option. We’ve made it one week and there are only 3 weeks left! That doesn’t sound as bad as 22 days.

As time keeps ticking away, our 30 day goal gets closer. We support each other and that helps a bit. It is part knowing that you have partner watching out for you and part knowing they will laugh when you have to go back to Day 1 while they keep moving a lot.

Being helpful  is a great trait. Helping someone to reach a goal, even if it is just a day at time, is a worthy feat.

Whole30 Day8

Whole30 Day8

Today actually was pretty good.  We learned that the pork belly does NOT reheat well.  Rather chewy.  The home made applesauce, just boiled apples with cinnamon actually was good heated up this morning.

Have we noticed any changes after a week?  Maybe, our cravings seem less and possibly our pants are fitting looser.  Fingers crossed we have a good weight loss at the end of the journey.

The Whole30 has taken grocery shopping to an entirely different level.  First off, we’re no longer just shopping at Wal-Mart for our groceries.  Now our weekly outing includes Whole Foods and occasionally Sprouts or Central Market.   Second, we’re spending more time looking for the ingredients.   Honesty who knew grocery items such as coconut aminos, cauliflower rice or ghee even existed?

Whole Foods

“We’re in heaven” – Shawn’s thoughts photo from

We’re also learning more about each other.  His reaction to walking into Whole Foods is, wow this is great.  Look at all this cool stuff.  Mine on the other hand is you know I don’t eat this stuff!  And yes after reading his blog yesterday I vetoed the butternut squash idea.  Really did he think he was going to sneak that into the cart without a protest!  If you’re ever lacking for entertainment you should shop with us.  I’m lucky he’s so patient and loves a challenge.

Teri's Motto

Teri’s Motto – from

It’s Whole30 Day8 and Our budget hasn’t noticed too big off change since we have skipped eating out.  We figured until we had some experience on the program and some will-power better just to avoid eating out.  Saturday will be my first test as I have a lunch date with my son.  I’ll need to research restaurants since Christina’s, the local Tex-Mex restaurant is our usual go to.  If anyone has ideas I’m open to suggestions.

Oh, one last note.  The pork roast with apples, onions and potatoes was delicious at dinner.  We’re still playing with what time to eat dinner since snacking is no longer an option.  So that really makes Whole30 Day8 a wrap.

Until tomorrow!