Whole30 Day28

I’m back for another round

Been away and now I’m back for another round

Contrary to some rumors I’m not lost in the Amazon or adrift upon the back for another roundseven seas. Yes, there has been some time away, but now I’m back for another round.  How long this round will last is anyone’s guess. Prognostication is not one of my strengths.

After dad passed away (see Service with a smile) it took me a bit to get back into the swing of my new job and life in general.

Another round of dieting

My lovely wife and I are starting a new diet. It’s called Whole30. You can check out the particulars on their website if you are so inclined. At first glance, you might call the diet Paleo, but it’s not. It’s more about what you are cutting out of your diet. No sugar, no artificial ingredients, no wheat, no legumes and no dairy. It’s 30 days of eliminating anything you might have an allergy or some reaction to and letting your body heal.

Bread Stall Open Air Market

We plan to report on our journey and see how it goes. I’ve done the Paleo diet before when I dropped from 245 pounds (111 kg or 17.5 stone) down to 205 pounds (93 kg or 14.6 stone)

Tonight we are enjoying the popcorn, pizza, Pepsi and the last of the chocolate chip cookies my lovely wife made.

Goodbye bread my friend.

Labels suck (well really it’s the ingredients)

Looking at the labels of things you buy, it makes it hard to stick to the Whole30 plan. Even simple things like bacon have nitrites and phosphates. There are a few brands that don’t, but they have sugar. We may have to talk to our butcher to get bacon that is just bacon.

What have we done to our food?

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