Whole30 Preparation

Whole30 Preparation

This will be my first time blogging along side Shawn.  I thought it would be fun to provide feedback on the Whole30 plan from someone who doesn’t eat fruit, drink much water and really just tolerates vegetables.  Yes, Pepsi’s stock should take a dip – I really am addicted to my Pepsi.  It’s my source of caffeine.

I think Shawn gets to cheat since coffee is permitted – although no sugar, honey or cream.  Yuck!

We now have items in our pantry and refrigerator that I never even imagined owning.  Items as part of the Whole30 Preparation include Leeks, coconut oil, dates and ghee.  (Ghee – clarified butter)

Shawn loves to cook and experiment – a true kitchen chemist.  I’m more for going to McDonald’s, Arby’s our our favorite local TexMex restaurant.  We survived shopping for the week – eating the items will be something else.

Increassing Willpower

Don’t laugh but this was actually my idea.  I know a bit crazy.  Several friends have started and have commented how much better they feel after just a week or two.  I didn’t really think he’d go for the idea with such limitations, but when he thought about adding new ingredients to his cooking arsenal he was hooked.  A kid in the candy shop actually as we went from grocery store to grocery store.   Who knew meats with no nitrates or nitrites that also didn’t contain sugar (another taboo ingredient) would be that hard to find. He was thrilled to be in Whole Foods, Central Market and Market Street – yes he drug us through them all.   I now know how he feels when we go to Ikea to shop.

Stay tuned for how it goes.  Farewell sweets, soda, crackers, bread, peanut butter, pasta, dairy, as I see it anything good you can think of.  We married 3 years ago, for better or worse – I’m thinking with caffeine withdrawal and finding things we’ll both eat Shawn’s in for battle to keep us on the program.

Tomorrow starts day 1, let the journey to a healthier us begin!

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