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The Journey Continues-Whole30 Day 1

Journey Continues

Day 1 for me was going well. As the journey continues along the Whole30 path, eggs for breakfast was a nice change from my protein shake. I can’t have the protein shake on the diet because it has soy and sugar. Gotta read those labels folks.


And then I made it to work. One of our project managers walks in and offers everyone a candied apple. It stared at me like a crocodile. She had made them over the weekend. I politely refused, drooling just a bit, and then had to explain why. So far so good as the journey continues. You can read about Teri’s Day 1 here.

Just making a little improvement everyday. Maybe it’s the weather or just mental, but I’m feeling great today. Ate my raw carrots for a snack and then took a brief walk in the sun before lunch. Heated my savory sage chicken and coconut milk gravy. Although the gravy turned out more like a heavy broth, it was really tasty. I left out the mushrooms because Teri doesn’t like them. Ate my apple for my afternoon snack.

Arriving home, we had dinner. We prepared dinners and lunches for the week on Sunday. Makes it easier when you just have pull things out of the fridge and reheat them. The entrée was ground pork with onions and spiced just a bit. The side dish, to use Teri’s description, was weird. I have to agree. Who thought to make cauliflower look like rice. It does NOT taste like it all. No matter how good your imagination, it is NOT rice.

So far so good. Yeah it’s only day 1, but hey we started and survived 1 day. Tomorrow brings a new day and new challenges. The ultimate goal? Good health and improving the odds of a long and productive life. Teri and I have many places in the world yet to visit. Some of them will require being in good shape. For instance we are planning to hike Mt Kilimanjaro for my 60th birthday. The journey continues.

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