Whole30 Day1

Whole30 Day1

Day 1 started with an early morning walk in the cool air.  Hard to believe it was just 51 this am!  Before leaving for work we grabbed our pre-made lunches and headed out the door.

By 7:45 I was missing my hot cocoa.  Funny the habits we establish to get our day going.  A caffeine withdrawal headache had started by 10 am.  Just a wee bit into Whole30 Day1 and I was doubting how I would survive.

A friend checked on me just before lunch – heading out for a Pepsi?  Ha, Ha.  What I did have for lunch was Sage Chicken with Leeks and carrots.  Yes, I at leeks.  And the chicken was prepared with coconut milk.  Shawn did skip the mushrooms – I refuse to eat those.  Overall the taste was good.  He got the text that he could repeat this recipe.  Things were looking up.

How much water should you drink in a day?  One of my co-workers actually asked.  I figured if I did over 8 oz it was a win.  Checking google it turns out that men should have around 125 oz and women 92 oz.  We’ll have to work up to that.

Shawn mixed the familiar with the weird for dinner – my words, not his.  We had pork, lightly seasoned which was a nice change from chicken.  And, to take it up a notch Cauliflower Rice.  No kidding, who thinks of these things?  It had the look at texture of rice, added some ghee and a pinch of salt.  Not bad, couldn’t mask that it was still cauliflower, but edible. 

Overall, Whole30 Day1 was ok.  Ending the day a tad hungry, and sloshing from drinking water, water and more water.

And yes, for those on the Whole30 journey that are slightly ahead of us we did remove the scale so we wouldn’t be tempted to weigh during the month.

Bring on day 2!


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  1. shawngriffith

    Thanks babe and yes I agree that the cauliflower rice falls into the weird category.


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