Whole30 Day2

Whole30 Day2

Amazing how two individuals can react completely different to the same situation.  Alarm rings, I’m thinking:  Where’s that snooze button?  Who set the alarm for so early in the am?  Isn’t it too chilly out to walk? (for those not in TX it was 57 out).  Did I mention it’s still DARK outside.  Then there’s the morning guy I married.  There’s the alarm let’s go, up and at em’.  Come on it’s time to walk.  We have to get our steps in for the day.  He’s lucky he wasn’t shot!  Yea, I don’t do chipper in the morning.

Journey continues on the Whole30 diet

One of my husbands strengths is the fact that he’s always trying to learn something new and continuously improve himself.   I’m keeping an open mind during our Whole30 Day2.

I’m thankful this week (ok these past 2 days) that I ride public transportation to work.  Although it took some effort to stay awake and get off at the right stop. 

It helped that the conductor toots the horn at every little thing, coming into a stop, passing other trains or cars or pedestrians on the track.  Today, just to make sure I was paying attention the train actually backed back up from one stop almost to the previous stop.  The ride is never dull.

I’m rambling.  Really that’s a good description for my experiences on the Whole30 Day2.  I really miss my hot cocoa in the morning.  Mid-morning I’m staring but our peanut butter crackers aren’t on the program.  I am eating breakfast, something I haven’t done since living with my parents growing up.  Shawn, the you have to eat breakfast kinda guy seems excited that this is becoming a habit for me.  No more excuse that I don’t have time.

Overall, it’s going fine.  Tired and a bit discombobulated, brain doesn’t feel fully engaged – don’t go there Shawn!

Until tomorrow.


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