Whole30 Home Stretch Last Weekend

Whole30 Journey Day 2

Whole30 Journey Day 2

End of day 2 of our Whole30 journey and the only result I’m feeling is a bit hungry. I guess we need to eat more meat and veggies. Of course the challenge gets complicated by co-workers bringing in Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Even though they are not my favorite. Gotta give props to the local mom’n’pop shops as well as Dunkin Donuts. I should probably stop obsessing about doughnuts now and just move along.

Breakfast after a brisk walk consisted of a 2 egg spicy Italian sausage omlet. Mmmmmm. Made a cup of coffee with no creamer or sugar when I got to the office. Next thing I know, it’s lunch time and we’re having the Coconut Sage Chicken with carrots and onions all chased with an apple. Water, oh yeah, lots of water. Teri feels like she is starving. You can check out her thoughts on the Whole30 journey here.

Dinner we decided to change out the pork for steak and potatoes. We used the homemade ketchup with no sugar added. This was the first batch of ketchup that we made. It turned out a little too vinegary tasting to suit us. Next batch will use much less vinegar.

You can look for Whole30 recipes by Googling ‘Whole30 blah’ where ‘blah’ is your main ingredient. There are a multitude of sites that have some great recipes. You have to double check them because some may be Paleo, but not Whole30 approved.


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