Conquering Whole30

Conquering Whole30 Day 3

Conquering Whole30 Day 3

rename common senseI’m sure the first Incans to climb the mountain where Machu Pichu is today celebrated conquering the mountain. Much like our assault on allergens in our diet. We made it! Okay so it’s only day 3, but so far we are Conquering Whole30. Maybe we really mean surviving. I think that it’s not been that bad, but then again I eat fruit, nuts, veggies, etc. without any issues. Oh, and I drink my allotment of water most days too.

I know Teri struggles with the tasteless water thing. She is a Pepsi girl. That is her favorite method of ingesting caffeine. Her second favorite is slightly sweet tea. She has been without for 3 days now and is complaining of being a bit draggy.

I had the same breakfast and lunch as yesterday. Dinner was steak with sliced potatoes and onions roasted with a bit of olive oil, garlic and pepper. Hunger seems to be manageable eating 3 good meals of only meat and veggies. May have to throw in a handful of mixed nuts after a hard workout.

I am looking forward to the 3rd week. The Whole30 website and forums talk about starting feel more energy and better focus after the first 2 weeks. Thinking about this keeps me going strong when confronted by doughnuts and candy apples. I know my coworkers mean well, but I just keep thinking about the goal of having more energy and focus. That gives me the strength to say, “No thank you.”

I won’t lie. My mouth still waters. A lot. But keeping the goal in mind and knowing that I would have to tell Teri that I was starting over at day 1 again all keep me in line. Again, I think it definitely helps to let everyone know what you are doing and why.

We will continue conquering Whole30 one day at a time.

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